Saturday, June 6, 2009


1. What's your full name?
Nor Najihah @ Siti Salha Binti Nordin

2. Do you hate someone at this moment?
yup!!! but just for a while..

3. What makes you hate her/him?
he leave me...

4. You love your family?
very much...

5. List 5 names of your friends that you love
  • aimi
  • put
  • fisz
  • fika
  • nina

6. Why do you love them?

they is my beloved fren..

7. Who do you prefer, your dad or mom?

of coz my mum..

8.Did someone make you cry this week?

yup!!! but he make me laugh too...

9. When was the last time you make your friend laugh?

a few second ago..

10. Do you like someone at this moment?


11. What was the last present you received?

a shirt from putri...

12. Are you missing someone?


13. What was the last message did you received from your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend?

laa..da smpai kg nk ajk tgk wyg..(da blk br nk ajk)

14. What was the last comment you received?

hye..nk knl blh??(kt MS)

15. What is your wish for your birthday this year?

smile,smile n smile..

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