Thursday, December 2, 2010


da lame sgt x merajinkan diri buat tagged ni..
sblm ni klu kna tagged pn buat x nmpak je..
anggap mcm x bca jer...
ari ni tok adik syg ni akak lakukan jugak yer...
adik syg ni adalah anak pakcik nordin(nama ayh yg same)

(curi gmbr kt blog...hehehehe)

tagged nye adalah..

  1. Love to talk & story mory
  2. Like to thinking & dreaming
  3. Try to do something to be archived
  4. Like to eat & now having a problem of sudden expansion of the body (i'm fat now!!)
  5. Very friendly if u know me but hard to smile if u don't know me..
  6. Like reading
  7. Love my family, friends & my bOb0!!
  8. Love shopping but hate window shopping. and prefer online shopping!!
  9. Love to watch Movie
  10. Love to be praised
  11. Hate people who are bubbling...
  12. Really want to Broga Hill & post like a model..hehehehe
  13. Saving for buy Canon 550D..wargghhh.. can't wait anymore...
  14. Lazy to cook BUT i'm living with my fren & i've to cook..and the result i'm fat rite now!!!!
  15. can't wait to resign..
  16. most happy when get salary end of every month..
  17. hate to wait end of the month to get the salary..
  18. love my parents very much
  19. hard to get long time sleeping because of so many work to do..i need a beautiful sleeping
  21. love suzuki swift
  22. dunno what want to write more
  23. same like no 12 & 15
  24. same like no 1 until 5
  25. same like all above...hahahahaha

pe bnda aku nk fikir..
smpai 25..
merapu meraban dah tu..
TQ dear sister fara..
Finish...FULL STOP!!!!

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